Internet use

As part of the rental of the holiday apartment in the Staudenvilla, the owner makes his internet connection available to the tenant for use.

In Germany, a connection holder can be made liable for violations of the law that were committed from his internet connection. Nevertheless, the owner makes his connection available to the tenant in confidence in his compliance with the law.

The tenant must comply with German laws and the following rules:


General Terms of Use

  1. The WLAN access offered is password-protected and only valid for the respective rental period.
    1. The login data may not be passed on to third parties.

    2. The owner is to be notified immediately of any loss or disclosure of user data to third parties.

  2. The actual and permanent availability or reliability of the internet access is not guaranteed.

  3. The owner reserves the right to revoke the access authorization in whole or in part at any time. In particular the access to certain services or web pages can be blocked by the owner after discretion.


Exclusion of liability of the owner

  1. WLAN use is at the tenant's own risk.
  2. The owner explicitly points out that the use of the internet can lead to malware on the equipment of the tenant.
  3. The provision of internet access includes neither firewall nor virus protection - it is the responsibility of the tenant to protect his end device. Virus protection software is suitable for this purpose.
  4. The data traffic in the WLAN connection provided is encrypted using WPA2. The owner is not responsible for further protection against the misuse of third parties.
  5. The owner does not assume any liability for damage to the tenant's end devices caused by WLAN use. Excluded from this exclusion of liability are damages caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of the owner or his assistants.


Responsibility of the tenant

  1. The tenant agrees to comply with applicable law and not to use the WLAN access for the following purposes:
    • Distribution, making accessible or duplication of copyrighted material - in particular "file sharing".
    • Dispatch of harassing, threatening, defamatory, immoral or illegal content
    • Dispatch of SPAM (mass notifications)
  2. If the tenant conducts legal transactions subject to a charge via WLAN access, he is solely responsible for the liabilities entered into. The resulting costs shall be borne solely by the tenant.


Release of the owner from claims of third parties

  1. The tenant exempts the owner from all claims and damages of third parties, which are caused by an illegal use of the internet access or by a violation of the agreed rules by the tenant.
  2. All costs and expenses incurred in defending against or asserting claims and damages of third parties are included in the indemnity.